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Featured Events


Scheduled Events
Event Title
   Mission Ministry, Feed the Homeless Sav.Bapt Ctr.5/28/17Sun7:00am
   Sunday School5/28/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship5/28/17Sun10:45am
   Auxilary Meetings: Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh5/28/17Sun1:00pm
   Tutorial Session5/29/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study5/31/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study5/31/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session5/31/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry5/31/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal6/1/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting6/1/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission Ministry, We Care Meals @ Memorial6/2/17FriTBA
   "Hour of Prayer" Service6/3/17Sat8:00am
   Sunday School6/4/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship6/4/17Sun10:45am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Scholarship, Gad & Naphtali6/4/17Sun1:00pm
   Tutorial Session6/5/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe Leaders with Deacon Board Meeting6/5/17Mon6:00pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting6/6/17Tue6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting6/6/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry6/7/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session6/7/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study6/7/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study6/7/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal6/8/17Thu6:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting6/10/17Sat7:30am
   Deaconess Board Meeting6/10/17Sat12:00pm
   Sunday School6/11/17Sun9:30am
   Holy Communion Sunday Worship6/11/17Sun10:45am
   Trustee's Board Meeting6/12/17Mon6:30pm
   Vacation Bible School Registration6/12/17Mon6:00pm
   Tutorial Session6/12/17Mon5:00pm
   Vacation Bible School6/13/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry6/14/17Wed12 noon
   Vacation Bible School6/14/17Wed6:00pm
   Vacation Bible School6/15/17Thu6:00pm
   Vacation Bible School Trip6/16/17FriTBA
   Mission Ministry Healed & Delivered Visitation6/17/17SatTBA
   S.I.S. Meeting6/17/17Sat9:00am
   Family Promise of Greater Savannah start up6/18/17SunTBA
   Auxiliary Meetings: Reuben, Dan & Judah6/18/17Sun1:00pm
   Drop Box Presentations, End of Year Celebration6/18/17Sun10:45am
   Youth Sunday Worship Service6/18/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School6/18/17Sun9:30am
   Feed the Homeless, Savannah Baptist Center6/18/17Sun7:00am
   Tutorial Session6/19/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe of Zebulun Meeting6/20/17Tue6:30pm
   Men's Bible Study6/21/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study6/21/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session6/21/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry6/21/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal6/22/17Thu6:00pm
   Scholarship Minisry, Applicant Interviews6/24/17Sat10:00am
   Senior's Day - Tribe of Benjamin6/24/17SatTBA
   UNMFC - At the Windows6/25/17Sun1:00pm
   Auxiliary Meetings: Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh, Greeters6/25/17Sun1:00pm
   Morning Worship6/25/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School6/25/17Sun9:30am
   Mission - Feed the Homeless, Sav'h Baptist Center6/25/17Sun7:00am
   Tutorial Session6/26/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study6/28/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study6/28/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session6/28/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry6/28/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal6/29/17Thu6:00pm
   "Hour of Prayer"7/1/17Sat8:00am
   Tribe Leaders Fish Fry, 52nd St. Lot7/1/17Sat9:00am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Scholarship, Gad, Benjamin, Naphtali7/2/17Sun1:00pm
   Sunday Morning Worship7/2/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School7/2/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session7/3/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study7/5/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study7/5/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session7/5/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry7/5/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal7/6/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting7/6/17Thu6:00pm
   Deaconess Board Meeting7/8/17Sat12:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting7/8/17Sat7:30am
   Sunday School7/9/17Sun9:30am
   Holy Communion Sunday7/9/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session7/10/17Mon5:00pm
   Trustee's Board Meeting7/10/17Mon6:30pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting7/11/17Tue6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting7/11/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry7/12/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session7/12/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study7/12/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study7/12/17Wed7:00pm
   Youth Choir Rehearsal7/13/17Thu6:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry Grads Dinner7/15/17SatTBA
   S.I.S. Meeting7/15/17Sat9:00am
   Mission Healed & Delivered Visitation7/15/17SatTBA
   S.I.S. Meeting7/15/17Sat9:00am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Dan, Reuben, Judah, Simeon7/16/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Choir - Hot Dogs at the Windows7/16/17Sun1:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry Grads Ceremony Presentations7/16/17Sun10:45am
   Youth Sunday Worship Service7/16/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School7/16/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session7/17/17Mon5:00pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting7/18/17Tue6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study7/19/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study7/19/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session7/19/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry7/19/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal7/20/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior's Day - Tribe of Dan7/22/17SatTBA
   Tribe of Naphtali - At the Windows7/23/17Sun1:00pm
   Auxiliary Meetings: Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh7/23/17Sun1:00pm
   Morning Worship7/23/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School7/23/17Sun9:30am
   Mission Ministry Feed the Homeless Sav'h Baptist Center7/23/17Sun7:00am
   Tutorial Session7/24/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study7/26/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study7/26/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session7/26/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry7/26/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal7/27/17Thu6:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry University 101 (Summer Session)7/29/17SatTBA
   Sunday School7/30/17Sun9:30am
   Morning Worship7/30/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session7/31/17Mon5:00pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting8/1/17Tue6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting8/1/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry8/2/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session8/2/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study8/2/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study8/2/17Wed7:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting8/3/17Thu6:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal8/3/17Thu6:00pm
   "Hour of Prayer"8/5/17Sat8:00am
   Sunday School8/6/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship8/6/17Sun10:45am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Benjamin, Gad, Naphtali, Simeon8/6/17Sun1:00pm
   Tribe Leaders with Family & Friends Committee8/7/17Mon6:00pm
   Tutorial Session8/7/17Mon5:00pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting8/8/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry8/9/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session8/9/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study8/9/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study8/9/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal8/10/17Thu6:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting8/12/17Sat7:30am
   Deaconess Board Meeting8/12/17Sat12:00pm
   Sunday School8/13/17Sun9:30am
   Holy Communion Sunday8/13/17Sun10:45am
   Trustee's Board Meeting8/14/17Mon6:30pm
   Tutorial Session8/14/17Mon5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry8/16/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session8/16/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study8/16/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study8/16/17Wed7:00pm
   Youth Choir Rehearsal8/17/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission - Pack Troop Care Packages8/19/17SatTBA
   Mission - Healed & Delivered Visitation8/19/17SatTBA
   Scholarship Ministry Workshop8/19/17Sat9:00am
   S.I.S. Meeting8/19/17Sat9:00am
   Youth Choir - Hot Dogs at the Windows8/20/17Sun1:00pm
   Auxiliary Meetings: Dan, Judah, Reuben8/20/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Day Sunday Worship8/20/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School8/20/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session8/21/17Mon5:00pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting8/22/17Tue6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study8/23/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study8/23/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session8/23/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry8/23/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal8/24/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior's Day - Tribe of Simeon8/26/17SatTBA
   UNMFC Bosco's Nachos - At the Windows8/27/17Sun1:00pm
   Auxiliary Meetings: Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh8/27/17Sun1:00pm
   Sunday Morning Worship8/27/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School8/27/17Sun9:30am
   Mission - Feed the Homeless, Sav'h Baptist Center8/27/17Sun7:00am
   Tutorial Session8/28/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study8/30/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study8/30/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session8/30/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry8/30/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal8/31/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission Ministry - We Care Meals @ Memorial Hospital9/1/17FriTBA
   "Hour of Prayer" Service9/2/17Sat8:00am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Scholarship, Naphtali9/3/17Sun1:00pm
   Sunday Morning Worship9/3/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School9/3/17Sun9:30am
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting9/5/17Tue6:00pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting9/5/17Tue6:30pm
   Men's Bible Study9/6/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study9/6/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session9/6/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry9/6/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal9/7/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting9/7/17Thu6:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting9/9/17Sat7:30am
   Deaconess Board Fund Raiser9/9/17Sat4:00pm
   Holy Communion Sunday9/10/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School9/10/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session9/11/17Mon5:00pm
   Trustee's Board Meeting9/11/17Mon6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting9/12/17Tue6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study9/13/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study9/13/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session9/13/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry9/13/17Wed12 noon
   Youth Choir Rehearsal9/14/17Thu6:00pm
   S.I.S. Meeting9/16/17Sat9:30am
   GAT Youth Fall Festival9/16/17Sat11:00am
   Mission Healed & Delivered Visitation9/16/17SatTBA
   Auxiliary Meetings: Dan, Reuben, Judah9/17/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Choir - Hot Dogs at the Windows9/17/17Sun1:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry Honors Day Celebration & Service9/17/17Sun10:45am
   Youth Sunday Worship Service9/17/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School9/17/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session9/18/17Mon5:00pm
   Pastor's Aid Board Meeting9/18/17Mon6:00pm
   Tribe of Zebulun Meeting9/19/17Tue6:30pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry9/20/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session9/20/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study9/20/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study9/20/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal9/21/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior's Day - Tribe of Asher9/23/17SatTBA
   Mission Ministry Feed the Homeless Sav'h Baptist Center9/24/17Sun7:00am
   Sunday School9/24/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship9/24/17Sun10:45am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Asher, Ephraim, Manasseh9/24/17Sun1:00pm
   UNMFC Bosco's Nachos at the Windows9/24/17Sun1:00pm
   Tutorial Session9/25/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study9/27/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study9/27/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session9/27/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry9/27/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal9/28/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission - "People Helping People" Project10/1/17Sun1:30pm
   Tribe Meetings: Naphtali,Gad, Benjamin, Simeon10/1/17Sun1:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry Meeting10/1/17Sun1:00pm
   Sunday Morning Worship10/1/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School10/1/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session10/2/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe Leaders & Family & Friends Committee10/2/17Mon6:00pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting10/3/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry10/4/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session10/4/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study10/4/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study10/4/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal10/5/17Thu6:00pm
   "Hour of Prayer" Service10/7/17Sat7:00am
   Sunday School10/8/17Sun9:30am
   Communion Sunday Service10/8/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session10/9/17Mon5:00pm
   Trustee's Board Meeting10/9/17Mon6:30pm
   Boys to Men Youth Meeting10/10/17Tue6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study10/11/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study10/11/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session10/11/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry10/11/17Wed12 noon
   Youth Choir Rehearsal10/12/17Thu6:00pm
   Deaconess Board Meeting10/14/17Sat12:00pm
   Scholarship Ministry Workshop10/14/17Sat9:00am
   Deacon Board Meeting10/14/17Sat7:00am
   Sunday School10/15/17Sun9:30am
   Youth Sunday Morning Worship10/15/17Sun10:45am
   FHMBC Family & Friends Day Celebration10/15/17Sun1:00pm
   Trube of Zebulun Meeting10/17/17Tue6:30pm
   Men's Bible Study10/18/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study10/18/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session10/18/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry10/18/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal10/19/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission Healed & Delivered Visitation10/21/17SatTBA
   S.I.S. Ministry Meeting10/21/17Sat9:00am
   Mission Annual Prayer Breakfast10/21/17Sat8:00am
   FJMBC Mass Choir Anniversary Celebration10/22/17Sun4:00pm
   UNMFC Bosco's Nachos at the Windows10/22/17Sun1:00pm
   Sunday Morning Worship (Wear Pink for BCA)10/22/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School10/22/17Sun9:30am
   Mission "Feed the Homeless" Sav'h Bapt Ctr10/22/17Sun7:00am
   Tutorial Session10/23/17Mon5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry10/25/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session10/25/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study10/25/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study10/25/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal10/26/17Thu6:00pm
   Tribe of Ephraim Senior's Day10/28/17SatTBA
   Sunday School10/29/17Sun9:30am
   5TH Sunday Morning Worship10/29/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session10/30/17Mon5:00pm
   FJMBC "Trunk or Treat"10/31/17Tue5:000m
   Men's Bible Study11/1/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study11/1/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session11/1/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry11/1/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal11/2/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting11/2/17Thu6:00pm
   "Hour of Prayer"11/4/17Sat8:00am
   Sunday School11/5/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship, Scholarship Ministry Honorning our Veterans11/5/17Sun10:45am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Scholarship, Gad, Naphtali, Benjamin & Simeon11/5/17Sun1:00pm
   Tutorial Session11/6/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe Leaders with Deacon Board Meeting11/6/17Mon6:00pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting11/7/17Tue6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting11/7/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry - 34th Anniversary Celebration Service11/8/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session11/8/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study11/8/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study11/8/17Wed7:00pm
   Mass Choir Rehearsal11/9/17Thu6:00pm
   Deaconess Board Meeting11/11/17Sat12:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting11/11/17Sat7:30am
   Sunday School11/12/17Sun9:30am
   Holy Communion Sunday11/12/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session11/13/17Mon5:00pm
   Trustee's Board Meeting11/13/17Mon6:30pm
   Tribe of Zebulun Meeting11/14/17Tue6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting11/14/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry11/15/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session11/15/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study11/15/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study11/15/17Wed7:00pm
   Youth Choir Rehearsal11/16/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission Ministry - Pack Thanksgiving Bags11/18/17SatTBA
   Mission Ministry - Healed & Delivered Visitation11/18/17SatTBA
   S.I.S. Ministry Meeting11/18/17Sat9:00am
   Tribe of Zebulun Senior's Day11/18/17SatTBA
   Mission - Thanksgiving Food Bags giveaway11/19/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Choir - Hot Dogs at the Windows11/19/17Sun1:00pm
   Auxiliary Meetings: Dan, Judah, Ephraim, Manasseh, Reuben11/19/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Day Sunday Worship11/19/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School11/19/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session11/20/17Mon5:00pm
   Pastor's Aide Meeting11/20/17Mon6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry11/22/17Wed12 noon
   Thanksgiving Holiday - Office Closed11/23/17Thu
   Feed the Homeless - Savannah Baptist Center11/26/17Sun7:00am
   Sunday School11/26/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship11/26/17Sun
   Tutorial Session11/27/17Mon5:00pm
   Men's Bible Study11/29/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study11/29/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session11/29/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry11/29/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal11/30/17Thu6:00pm
   Mission Ministry - We Care Meals @ Memorial Hospital12/1/17FriTBA
   "Hour of Prayer"12/2/17Sat8:00am
   Sunday School12/3/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship12/3/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session12/4/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe Leaders Christmas Fellowship12/4/17Mon6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Parents Meeting12/5/17Tue6:00pm
   Mission Ministry Meeting12/5/17Tue6:30pm
   Men's Bible Study12/6/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study12/6/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session12/6/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry12/6/17Wed12 noon
   Mass Choir Rehearsal12/7/17Thu6:00pm
   Senior Usher Board Meeting12/7/17Thu6:00pm
   Tribe of Judah - Senior's Day12/9/17SatTBA
   Deaconess Board Meeting12/9/17Sat4:00pm
   Deacon Board Meeting12/9/17Sat7:30am
   Sunday School12/10/17Sun9:30am
   Holy Communion Sunday12/10/17Sun10:45am
   Tutorial Session12/11/17Mon5:00pm
   Trustee's Board Meeting12/11/17Mon6:30pm
   Boyz to Men Youth Meeting12/12/17Tue6:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry12/13/17Wed12 noon
   Tutorial Session12/13/17Wed5:00pm
   Bible Study12/13/17Wed6:00pm
   Men's Bible Study12/13/17Wed7:00pm
   Youth Choir Rehearsal12/14/17Thu6:00pm
   S.I.S. Meeting12/16/17Sat9:30am
   Mission Healed & Delivered Visitation12/16/17SatTBA
   Scholarship Ministry Workshop12/16/17Sat9:00am
   Auxiliary Meetings: Dan, Reuben, Judah, Manasseh12/17/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Choir - Hot Dogs at the Windows12/17/17Sun1:00pm
   Youth Sunday Worship Service12/17/17Sun10:45am
   Sunday School12/17/17Sun9:30am
   Tutorial Session12/18/17Mon5:00pm
   Tribe of Zebulun Meeting12/19/17Tue6:30pm
   Men's Bible Study12/20/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study12/20/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session12/20/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry12/20/17Wed12 noon
   Feed the Homeless - Savannah Baptist Center12/24/17Sun7:00am
   Sunday School12/24/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship12/24/17Sun10:45am
   Men's Bible Study12/27/17Wed7:00pm
   Bible Study12/27/17Wed6:00pm
   Tutorial Session12/27/17Wed5:00pm
   One Hour Watch Noon Ministry12/27/17Wed12 noon
   Sunday School12/31/17Sun9:30am
   Sunday Morning Worship12/31/17Sun10:45am
   New Year's Watchnight Service12/31/17Sun10:00pm